I am glad you’re here! Get to know me behind the lens of the camera. 

For me, Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. 

I am a photographer and I was born to be a photographer. Not just an ordinary photographer but a photographer with an innate love for photography. I absolutely love what I do! And photography is my first love! I was known for my kindness, not sure if you will agree but the rest of the world does…..so just take it!

My journey into photography started when I was a little child. Holding a camera brings me so much joy. I love the feeling and was fascinated with the lens and the buttons of the camera. Every click of the camera seems to be a wonderful experience for me. And I love to capture every object and beautiful scenery around me. I guess that’s what makes me for who I am right now. 

Photography has been my friend, my companion, and my stress-reliever. Whenever I go out on a walk, I am always attracted to different spots that catch my attention. Capturing pictures brings me out and save me from solitude. I believe that capturing pictures with the lens of the camera is not just about saying cheese! For me, capturing pictures and capturing moments. When I capture pictures, I always put my heart into it and I love seeing people smiling into the lens of my camera. I do it because I love it and photography is very fun for me. As a photographer, I never get tired of dealing with my clients and sharing laughter with them. I am always honored in delivering my service to most events and news photography. 

I am a self-taught photographer and started handling my camera since I was 12 years old. At the age of 16, I started working in a local newspaper. As I continue the journey of my life, I also enter into a military service.  But I went back to photography which is my first love in 1996 and continue what I started. I was working for different news agencies in Israel and West Bank. Aside from news, I was working as a fashion, commercial and sports photographer. In 2003, I decided to move to New York and lived here since then.

At the age of 13, I won the first award and many more awards since then. Some of my photographs were published by different media. One of my latest published projects was illustration for the book at the “45th Parallel Press”. My love for photography and support from my family and other colleagues serves as my strength and inspiration.

P.S - in case you like to know more about me, feel free to ask by calling me on my contact information. Thanks!